About us

We are public benefit organisation, which for 14 years has been actively building and supporting groups of inhabitants and local leaders, teaching local officers how to conduct an open and effective dialogue with inhabitants and non-governmental organisations and enabling young people to gain new experience through volunteering.

Our association is seated in Katowice and focuses its attention particularly on this city, however we also carry out activities throughout Poland.

Our mission

We wish that Polish villages, country towns and cities would be pleasant places to live in, and open to the needs of their inhabitants. If this could happen, the involvement of individuals in activities for the local surroundings is important as well as presence of reliable authorities who act in open and transparent way and take into account the  voice of their inhabitants in decision making process.

We realise our mission through:

  • Activities aiming at engaging inhabitants in the life of their villages, country towns and cities:

– we organise local neighbourhood initiatives that act for the benefit of their local communities,

– we provide legal, organizational and substantive support to local leaders,

– we educate inhabitants about their rights so that they will be able to use them effectively while cooperating with local authorities and other subjects.

  • Activities aiming at supporting local authorities in building social dialogue:

– we educate local officers how to carry out an open and effective dialogue with inhabitants and non-governmental organisations,

– we prepare projects of law acts and motions, whose purpose is to improve the standard of living and quality of life, make authorities more transparent and ensure better cooperation with citizens.

  • Activities involving young people:

– we encourage personal development through involvement of volunteers in activities conducted in Bona Fides with the support of experienced employees and members of the association,

– within European Voluntary Service (EVS) we send young volunteers to Europe, and we host volunteers from various parts of Europe. Through volunteering they have opportunity to gain new competences, develop their passions and create civic sense.

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Bona Fides Civic Activity Association
ul. Warszawska 19
40-009, Katowice

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +48 32 203 12 18